Is Hope Your Marketing Strategy?

  By Eileen I recently met a newer business owner who proudly introduced me to the business she has been running for roughly two years. I loved hearing her story about the business she created. (I will not mention the product or industry to protect her identity). At first look her company had all the markings of a well-run and […]

The Secret Tip to Growing Your Nonprofit’s Instagram

If you’ve read anything about growing your Instagram following, you already know all of the basic tricks: like a lot of photos, post regularly, post beautiful photos, add a location to your images, engage with people. Those are great tips, and by all means do them all. They’re important. But if you have those things covered, and you’re a nonprofit ready […]

Welcome to the Blog

We started Scafidi Communications to help organizations and businesses not just communicate better, but communicate in a way that really spoke to who they are. And so far, we’re really happy with the results. We believe every organization, business, and individual needs a tailored plan for marketing. Because everyone has a story. And still, there are a few best practices […]