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Why Outsourcing Your Marketing Helps You Work On Your Business, Not In it

Why Outsourcing Your Marketing Helps You Work On Your Business, Not In it


When was last time you sat down and scrutinized your company’s branding? Posted to its Facebook page? Talked to a reporter about projects you’re excited about?

If you’re like a lot of small business owners, these things may tend to fall to the bottom of your to-do list week after week. And we get it; you’re really busy!

And while research shows that small businesses neglect marketing to their own peril, A LOT of evidence actually suggests business owners shouldn’t be doing this work themselves.

That’s right, you can stop Instagramming every 15 percent off sale.

Business experts have long suggested that owners delegate out these more specific tasks (like marketing), so they are freed up look at the bigger picture of the business, continue to educate themselves and build meaningful work relationships.

This often referred to as “working on the business, not in it.” explains “working on the business” like this:

“All too often the boss spends much of his or her time fighting fires. Rather than an owner working on the business they have become crisis managers. Many sit in their offices and wait for someone to come through the door with a problem that needs attention or resolution — now.”

In other words, business owners who try do everything inside the shop, lose opportunities to dream and scale up.

When it comes to marketing, this also means business owners who try to go it alone can miss out on critical expertise on how to reach and talk to future customers.

Outsourcing your marketing is a great first step to freeing yourself to work on your business, and stop working in it.

Professional marketing is also a solid investment in the future of a business and its long term success.

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